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Excel Math Overview and Training DVD

No Charge

Our DVD contains an overview of Excel Math plus training and instructional strategies. The Excel Math DVD is intended for administrators, teachers, and parents who want to learn more about Excel Math.

Part one introduces you to Excel Math. Watch the intro video here [7:00 minutes]:

Part two guides you through the implementation of Excel Math in the classroom.

Part three is Professional Development, including instructional strategies and best practices. This segment helps you get the most out of the curriculum.

The contents of the DVD are available on this website. See the videos here.

The video programs describe how to teach Excel Math with actual classroom examples. View them at the beginning of the year for an overview of the program, and review again in 4-6 weeks.

The DVD is available as a part of our free Sample Packet and is also available separately at no charge.

Please email us for a DVD or Sample Packet, and we'll send it to you immediately.

Or click the image on the right to watch the training videos online.


Click the image above to watch the training videos