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Use Excel Math Order Now

To get a better understanding of Excel Math, read about it on our Quick Tour...

Quick Tour

or watch a video introduction to Excel Math:

Excel Math Introduction [7:00 min.]

Watch more videos here. If you are looking for a specific topic, try the white links on the left.

Visit our Quick Start Guide to begin using Excel Math in 4 easy steps.

Features unique to Excel Math:

  • Our Spiraling Strategy leads to mastery and long-term competency for each student. We continually bring in new topics while refreshing math concepts students have learned before.
  • Excel Math Lesson Sheets are much more than just math worksheets. Using strategically placed spaced repetition, we give you a proven appropch to teach math concepts for long-term retention.These essons include powerful features and advantages, including our unique Spiraling Strategy:
  • Spiraling Strategy

  • CheckAnswer, our unique self-assessment, enables students to confirm their work as they develop confidence.They solve a set of 3-5 problems (A-C), add the answers and see if the sum matches the CheckAnswer (D). If it does, they move on. If not, they go back and re-check their calculation.


  • Create A Problem on the back of each test in Grades 2 - 6 provides a great blend of math and literacy — students read, solve and create problems using higher-order thinking skills.
  • r

  • Download a Scientifically Based Research Report showing how Excel Math increases student test scores across all grade levels.
  • Teacher Editions require less prep time so you have more time with students. Tables near each answer key show you the concept assessed by each test question. The daily lesson is presented in just 10-20 minutes.
  • Illustrated Glossary of math words in your Teacher Edition and on our website helps students and parents understand math terms.
  • Lessons for combinations and probability make these tricky concepts more student-friendly.
  • Projectable Lessons make it easy for you to focus class attention on a screen or interactive board:
  • p

  • New, timely coin illustrations for 50-state quarters, Oregon-trail nickels and Lincoln pennies.
  • Re-stated word problems in Grades 2-6 are easier for students to understand and solve. Order Now
  • We offer Summer School Editions for all grade levels. These 6-week products are ideal for Intersession or After-School programs as well as summer school. You can select a lower grade for remediation or a higher grade to provide challenges for advanced students. Read More.
  • See how Excel Math Lessons align to Common Core (CCS), TEKS and State Standards.