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Student Tests

Tests appear on a separate page after every 5 lessons. Quarterly tests are located in the same location, after 6 weeks of normal tests.

Students can complete a weekly tests in 10-15 minutes. We do not test students on concepts they’ve just learned in the week immediately prior to the test.

Weekly tests are presented vertically on the Lesson Sheet. We mix calculation, multiple-choice and word problems. Weekly tests are on the front side of the page only; the back is used for “Create A Problem” activities.

Quarterly tests have questions on both sides of the page. If you would like to help students prepare for standardized testing, you can ask them to transfer their answers to the bubble-in spaces in the right-hand column.

Weekly Test
Quarterly Test

Create A Problem: Back of test pages

This feature enables students to express their own understanding of a story problem. It merges math and literacy.

We start with simple stories and give students a chance to observe what is happening in the story. They then use those observations to solve problems. Later in the curriculum we ask students to create a problem or two, and make up a CheckAnswer. Finally, students are able to finish a story in their own words, and write several problems about their story ending. This demonstrates mastery AND integration. The format of the page allows longer answers, along with charts, graphs and other expressions of their solutions.