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Learn about Excel Math Texas Editions: TEKS Aligned — STAAR Ready

Click on the grade level bars below to view samples.

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When Jasper ISD used Excel Math for the first time, their 4th grade
went from 48% passing to 66% passing the STAAR after just one year!

Excel Math Is Aligned to TEKS
Excel Math is fully correlated to TEKS: Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.
It works for students at all levels because it is . . .

Continually enhanced
We print Excel Math throughout the year so you always have the latest lesson sheets, unlike textbooks. New Texas Teacher Editions have new activities and manipulatives, expanded lessons, discussion ideas, plus added rigor to prepare students for STAAR testing and real-world problem solving.

A Perfect Transition to STAAR
Excel Math materials correlate to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills requirements. Current test results will remain strong for students using Excel Math. At the same time, Excel Math will provide them with powerful support, in-depth practice, and frequent assessment for the move to STAAR.

A Powerful Tool Preparing Students for STAAR Testing
Excel Math includes weekly and quarterly assessment along with a proven spiraling process and spaced repetition of concepts. With Excel Math, students learn higher-order thinking skills beyond what is required of TEKS. Our correlations allow you to focus on the standards or go even further.

Excel Math Gives Your Students More
Within each grade level, we correlate the Excel Math Lessons, Stretches, Activities and Exercises to each Texas standard. You can use the additional concepts in Excel Math to provide accelerated learning for your students who are ready for more.

Mathematical Process Standards integrated into Excel Math Lessons
The TEKS mathematical processes are woven into Excel Math lessons. Click on the sample lessons above to see how we include these Processes in the tasks and activities your students will complete throughout the year.

Here's what Texas teachers are saying about Excel Math:

Utopia, Texas
“I just had to call you! We used your curriculum for the last two years and our scores were phenomenal. Would you believe, this year both 4th and 5th grade got 100%! The parents love it because it’s consistent. It’s just an awesome program and very teacher-friendly. 7 out of 15 students were commended in my class! So, hip…hip… hooray!

— Marilyn, 4th Grade Teacher, Utopia Elementary

Chandler, Texas
“I love Excel Math. The spiraling is what is so key to the program. Spiraling, coupled with the problem-solving lessons, especially for a 3rd Grade class, are wonderful. The children truly learn the material.”

— Paula, Third Grade Teacher, Chandler, Texas

Jasper students improve 38% in STAAR testing!

Our friends in Jasper, Texas are celebrating. Their 4th grade STAAR passing rate soared from 48% to 66% after their first year with Excel Math!

It gets even better. The next year, 78% of their 5th grade students passed the first round of STAAR testing after their second year with Excel Math. And their scores continue to improve! Way to go teachers and students. Read more. . .

Jasper students increase STAAR Test scores 38%
Click on the images above and below to download a PDF file.

Texas Sample Packet 
Texas Sample Packet
  (TEKS aligned)

Excel Math Correlations to TEKS
Click on the grade level buttons below to see the correlation between that set of Texas educational standards and Excel Math.


Excel Math TEKS Correlations by TEKS Standard

TX Kindergarten by TEKS Standard TX Gr 1 by TEKS Standard TX Gr 2 by TEKS StandardTX Gr 3 by TEKS StandardTX Gr 4 by TEKS StandardTX Gr 5 by TEKS StandardTX Gr 6 by TEKS Standard
TEKS Correlations by Excel Math Lesson Number
TX Kindergarten by TEKS StandardTX Gr 1 by TEKS StandardTX Gr 2 by TEKS StandardTX Gr 3 by TEKS StandardTX Gr 4 by TEKS StandardTX Gr 5 by TEKS StandardTX Gr 6 TEKS Standard by Lesson number

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Tools for Teachers
Tools for Texas Teachers & Product Updates

Excel Math Professional Development for Texas

This professional development session is intended for administrators and teachers who want to learn more about using Excel Math and discover best practices for implementing Excel Math lessons in the classroom.

Excel Math Overview and Training Videos
One great feature of Excel Math is that is doesn't require lots of training or seminars to get started using the lessons. Veteran teachers and new teachers alike can read the introductory pages in the Teacher Edition to learn how to take full advantage of the spiraling process, CheckAnswer system, test tables, Stretches, Activities, and other unique features of Excel Math. Our videos describe how to teach Excel Math using actual classroom examples. Click on the image at right to watch the videos.

The Excel Math Professional Development gives teachers instructional strategies (best practices) for effective direct instruction and tips to take full advantage of the three components of Excel Math. Plus, you will learn how to utilize the regular assessment in Excel Math for maximum instruction. Because Excel Math emphasizes Critical Thinking instead of fill-in-the-blank answers, the Excel Math lessons are an outstanding bridge to the requirements of the STAAR Readiness Standards. Additionally, this in-service video series includes how to effectively blend Excel Math with an adopted core curriculum for maximum instruction in cases where Excel Math is used as a supplement.

We suggest having teachers view the videos at the beginning of the year for an overview of the program, and then review them again in 4-6 weeks as a refresher course to answer questions that may come up as they begin working with students. At that point we can do a web chat or webinar to address more specific questions.

Excel Math also offers in-service sessions at your site. The fee for this in-service is minimal—to cover travel costs from California. Professional Development seminars are subject to availability. Generally, each session is a little under two hours in length.

Please contact Becky via email at or by phone (866-866-7026) for more information. Include PD in the subject line. Watch Bob in action here:

1. Staff Development [8:05 min]
Introduction to Excel Math

Bob's P.D.

Click the image above to watch
sample Professional Development videos

This chart outlines the features and benefits of Excel Math supporting the revised TEKS:

Texas Standards & Issues  
Excel Math Features  
Excel Math Benefits
De-emphasis on calculators in K-5 

Basic Fact Practice

CheckAnswer: students show their work

Worksheet format

True Spiraling (spaced repetition)

Feedback loops

Research-based learning designed into each lesson

Students master concepts over time, build deeper skill sets and progress into higher-order thinking skills.

Students master higher level problem-solving skills.

Regular assessment and spaced repetition give students powerful preparation for future.

Mastery is long term.

CheckAnswer: showing work on the page

Students manually prove the correct answer.

Students receive immediate feedback on concepts practiced, which creates a natural feedback loop.

Skills are built and self assessed.

Worksheet format for students

Work is individualized for students, homework on the back of the lesson page engages parents to participate and gauge student progress.

Cost savings for schools.

Lessons contain the latest material based on continuing research.

Problem-solving skills resulting in a foundation for computer programming 

Daily Guided Practice: a variety of problems are grouped to require evaluation of problem-solving application

CheckAnswer: students self correct problems and manually prove the correct answer.

Stretches: brain teasers and thought-provoking exercises

Students develop skills to apply multiple strategies in problem solving.

Students evaluate incorrect solutions to determine the correct process to solve specific problems.

Students learn to be persistent in finding correct solutions to problems.

Students use a variety of problem-solving skills to solve brain teasers and higher level problems.

Computer programming requires constructing multiple facets toward a unified end result 


CreateAProblem: word problems of increasing complexity

Students construct several aspects of a multi-level story


Students learn application of multiple and varied problem-solving skills.

Lessons combine math with literacy.

Students develop multiple facets of a problem, constructed toward a measurable goal.

Students combine multiple elements to reach a desired conclusion.

Providing a consistent benchmark for preparing students for college and the workforce


Spiraling in Guided Practice, weekly tests, quarterly tests and end-of-year tests

Students are given consistent benchmark testing to see if they are on track and where they may need re-teaching focus before the next benchmark examination.

Students develop confidence and proficiency in math, in preparation for future college coursework and the workforce.

Read what our Texas friends are saying about Excel Math:

Brownsboro, Texas
“We absolutely love Excel Math. We tell all the other districts and any superintendent that will listen! We were recognized last year for our performance, and it’s all due to Excel Math. Our scores continually reach the 90’s overall, and last year even the Special Population reached 89.9%...”

— Lynnette, 3rd Grade Teacher, Brownsboro Elementary

Elkhart, Texas
“We love your program. We tell everyone we can about it. We even conduct our own presentations in other schools, telling them all about Excel Math. It’s the best curriculum out there.”

— Denise Ray, Principal

Laredo, Texas
The Clark Elementary School teachers believe in the Excel Math program. We have used the program in grades 1st-5th for eight years. Our math results (90%+ passing in 3rd-5th grades) reflect the power of the Excel Math program.

— Sandy Benavides, Principal

United ISD, Salinas Elementary
I am the teacher for all 5th grade students at Salinas Elementary. The first year of the new test for 5th grade my students were in the 88th percentile.

— Rachel Hinojosa, 5th grade teacher

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