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Sample Lesson Sheets for Summer / Intersession

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Take a look at sample Student Lesson Sheets, exercises and Teacher Edition Lesson Plans from our Summer School/Intersession Edition for each grade.

The Excel Math Summer School/Intersession Edition is a thirty day (six week) curriculum consisting of the first 30 lessons from the regular year plus tests #1-6 (3 tests in First Grade, 1 test in Kindergarten). The Student Set is a padded book, gummy bound on one end with a chipboard back.

Order the Excel Math Summer School grade level your student will enter in the fall. Summer school will prepare the student for that grade. (A student going into seventh grade would need the Pre-7th Summer School Edition.)

See Using Excel Math, Walk Through an Excel Math Lesson, or watch our Videos for more details on using Excel Math.

To download additional sample lesson sheets, visit our non-summer school Sample Lessons page.

Features and advantages of the Summer School/Intersession Edition:

  • 30 Lesson Sheets with lessons, homework, guided practice, and basic fact practice—all incorporating our unique spiraling system
  • A 5th lesson each week covering Critical Thinking concepts
  • Create A Problem lessons, where students read, interact, create and solve their own problems
  • 6 Weekly Tests (fewer for Kindergarten and First Grade)
  • Two copies of the last Test in each Student Set for use in a pre-and post-test environment
  • Several special activity lessons or exercises
  • Separate Teacher Edition containing answer keys, stretches, teaching instructions, and all material necessary for classroom presentation
  • Price: $8.00/per student

Click on the pages and grade levels of your choice to view samples from the Excel Math Summer School program.

Remember to order the grade the student will be entering after summer school. For example, if the student will be going into 2nd grade, you would order the 2nd grade summer school lessons.

Front | Back | Lesson Plan
Front | Back | Problem | Lesson Plan
Front | Back | Problem | Lesson Plan
Grade 7 Front | Back | Lesson Plan
Actual sheets are sharper than these samples, and Student Lesson Sheets are 8.5" X 14" in size for easy student use.