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Excel Math Blog

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Visit us at conferences in Texas

This week Bob and Brad were in Austin for the TEPSA Conference, giving participants a chance to check out our new Grade 3 Texas Teacher Edition! If you'll be in Ft. Worth for CAMT in July be sure to stop by and say hi. We'll have our new Grade 5 Texas Teacher Edition ready for that conference, and Bob will be presenting on Instructional Strategies and Excel Math.

Speaking of Texas, we just got wonderful news from our friends in Lake Worth Texas. Students at N.A. Howry Intermediate School have been using Excel Math this year. Seventy-nine percent of the 5th grade students passed the first round of STAAR testing in 2014. That's a 25 percent increase! Way to go teachers and students. Impressive.

Lake Worth students increase STAAR Test scores 25%   

Read more and watch the video:

Excel Math is designed to combine math worksheets with hands-on activities and active learning. Our unique spiraling process helps students retain the math concepts for the long term.

Grade 3 Texas TE

Grade 3 Texas Teacher Editon

For over 35 years Excel Math has been helping students build solid math skills.

And those rigorous math lessons continue to help students today, as these Texas test results show.

However, things are changing in Texas. With the rollout of new TEKS for the new 2014-2015 school year, concepts that were once taught in Grade 7 are now moving to Grade 5.

Angles, decimals and equivalent fractions are being introduced in Grade 4. Major shifts in the standards and in Mathematical Processes are happening from Kindergarten through middle school and beyond.

As a result of these major changes, Excel Math editors are hard at work to create new Teacher Editions just for Texas.

You can take a look at sample lessons on our website:

The Grade 3 Texas Teacher Edition will be rolling off the press next week. Check the Texas page of our website each week for new samples and updates.

Our new Texas Teacher Editions have revised lessons, discussion suggestions, plus new activities and manipulatives to guide you through the transition to the TEKS. (We do not have a personal financial literacy component, but we have built into the lessons lots of practice with coins, money, making change, etc.)

Our Texas Teacher Editions for Grades 2-6 will also include a Budget Worksheet and lessons explaining how to record income and expenses, calculate interest (for the older grades), etc.

Many of these new resources will also be available on the Downloads section of our website.

At this point full TEKS integration will be directed by the Texas Teacher Editions.

Student Sheets will be the same for Texas and the standard Excel Math lessons.

As we receive additional input on TEKS implementation, enhancements and updates will work into the student materials you receive in the future.

We have what you need for a smooth transition to the new TEKS.
Here's what to do:

Mathematical Processes

Grade 3 TEKS
Mathematical Processes

  • Order your Grade 3 Texas Teacher Editions (Mention Texas when you order or use the attached order form)

  • Order your Student Classroom Sets for all grade levels

  • Watch your email for updates as new Texas Teacher Editions roll off the press

When each new Texas Teacher Edition is released, we will have an announcement on our website. Grade 5 will be printed after Grade 3.

When each new Texas Teacher Edition is released, we will have an announcement on our website. Grade 5 will be printed after Grade 3.

Our goal is to have as many grades available in the next few months as possible (focusing on grades 1-5 first, and then grades K and 6).

Our executive vice-president, Bob, would be glad to provide you and your colleagues with a couple of hours of inservice training with Excel Math (at minimal cost to cover travel expenses), once you start using the new Texas Teacher Editions.

One of his seminars specifically addresses best practices for Transitioning to the new TEKS using Excel Math. Here's a brief summary:

Excel Math Order Form 
Excel Math Order Form

Texas Sample Packet
Texas Sample Pack
(TEKS aligned)

The Excel Math Professional Development includes instructional strategies (best practices) for effective direct instruction, tips to take full advantage of the three components of Excel Math, as well as how to utilize the regular assessment in Excel Math for maximum instruction. 

Because Excel Math emphasizes Critical Thinking instead of fill-in-the-blank answers, this is an outstanding bridge to the new requirements of the TEKS Standards.

Additionally the in-service includes how to effectively blend Excel Math with an adopted core curriculum for maximum instruction if Excel Math is a supplement.

The fee for this in-service is only to cover travel costs and expenses, and is subject to availability.

Generally it is a little under two hours in length.

Feel free to call Bob or send him an email:

You can find more information about his presentations on our website:

Bob's PD sessions are filling up fast so be sure to get in touch with him as soon as possible.

Do you have some insights or concerns about the new TEKS? Leave a comment below.

Professional Development

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New to Excel Math? Preview elementary math lessons that really work for Kindergarten through Sixth Grade on our website:

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