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Excel Math Blog

Thursday, April 24, 2014

TEKS Aligned and STAAR Ready

Paul Revere

Excel Math is correlated to the new TEKS: Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

Take a look at the correlations by grade level on our website:

Excel Math works for students at all levels because it is:

Continually Enhanced

We print Excel Math throughout the year so you always have the latest Student Lesson Sheets and Teacher Editions, unlike textbooks, which remain static.


A Perfect Transition to STAAR

We are pleased, but not surprised, at how well our Excel Math materials correlate to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills requirements.

Current test results will remain strong for students using Excel Math.

At the same time, Excel Math will provide them with powerful support, in-depth practice, and frequent assessment for the move to STAAR.

Download the Grade 3 Mathematical Process Standards to see how the TEKS mathematical processes are woven into Excel Math lessons. 

Click on the image below to see how we include these Processes in the tasks and activities your Grade 3 students will complete throughout the year. 

(Check our website each week for the other grade levels.)

Intro to Excel Math for the new TEKS

Mathematical Processes

Excel Math Mathematical Processes

A Powerful Tool Preparing Students for STAAR Testing

Excel Math includes weekly and quarterly assessment along with a proven spiraling process and spaced repetition of concepts.

With Excel Math, students learn higher-order thinking skills beyond what is required of TEKS.

Our correlations allow you to focus on the new TEKS standards or go even further, with additional concepts we provide.

Excel Math Gives Your Students More

Within each grade level, we correlate the Excel Math Lessons, Stretches, Activities and Exercises to each Texas standard.

You can use the additional concepts in Excel Math to provide accelerated learning for your students who are ready for more.

View Sample Lessons

You can take a look at sample lessons for Grades K-6 here:

Excel Math includes weekly and quarterly assessments along with a proven spiraling process and spaced repetition of concepts.

With Excel Math, students build confidence in math and discover they can succeed.

Walk through an Excel Math lesson here:

Texas sign

Welcome to Texas Sign

Professional Development

Schedule Professional Development

We also provide affordable professional development.

Call to reserve your spot for a couple of hours of inservice training with Excel Math (at minimal cost to cover travel expenses), once you start using the program.

One of Bob's seminars specifically addresses best practices for Transitioning to the new TEKS using Excel Math. Feel free to call Bob or send him an email:

You can find more information about his presentations on our website:

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Leave a comment in the box below to let us know how you are beginning to implement the new TEKS into your math lessons.

Excel Math books

Excel Math Standard Teacher Edition
Click here for sample lessons

Feel free to leave a Comment in the box below. We love hearing from teachers, administrators and parents from around the country.

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