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Excel Math Blog

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bulletin Board Ideas: It's Snowing Math Facts!

Let your students help decorate your classroom for winter while learning their math facts with this snowy bulletin board idea from Excel Math.

Snowflake Bulletin Board

Even if you don't have an actual bulletin board, your math classroom can come alive with creative wall decorations that encourage your students to do basic math facts.

Cover your bulletin board or wall with black, silver or blue sparkly paper (or fabric), if you wish.

Label the board: "Snowflake Math" or "It's Snowing Math Facts!"

Your classroom can come alive with student-created decorations

Give each student a square of paper.

Also provide scissors, tape and ribbon or yarn.

For more durable snowflakes, provide white dessert-size paper plates of the flimsy variety instead of square sheets of paper.

Let your students fold the papers or flimsy paper plates into triangle shapes and trim the wide, non-folded end of each triangle so it curves (similar to an ice-cream cone).

Then they can make several small cuts or openings into the triangle, without cutting it in half.

(Provide clear tape for mistakes.)

Have the students open the triangles and compare the paper snowflakes.

Point out that no two snowflakes are exactly alike, just as no two fingerprints are exactly alike.

Each person is unique, with different abilities, and each snowflake is also unique.

snowflake pattern
Excel Math Snowflake Pattern 

Snowflake Math Fact

Excel Math Additional Snowflake Pattern

Use the snowflakes to create basic fact problems appropriate for your students.

These can include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations.

For older students you can include a review of these basic operations as well as fractions, decimals, adding angles, finding equivalent fractions and problems with money.

Let your students create snowflake basic fact flashcards

Have each student write a basic fact problem on one side of the snowflake (without the answer).

On the back of the snowflake, have the student print his name plus a letter a - z (a different letter for each snowflake he creates).

Have the student hand you a separate paper with the snowflakes he created and their answers, labeled by letter.

(If your students need some extra credit, give 10 points for every snowflake with a correct answer. Then give another 10 points for each problem correctly solved from another student's snowflake.)

Download a free printable pattern sheet

Punch a hole in the top of each snowflake.

Have the students tie varying lengths of ribbon or yarn to the snowflakes and hang them in front of your bulletin board or windows or doors so the problems can be easily read by the other students.

They can add glitter glue to some of the snowflakes for a sparkling effect.

Give each student a Snowflakes Math page.

Download this page of free math printables from our website.

Let your students write and solve more snowflake math problems as they have time.

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Snowflake Free Printables page
Excel Math Snowflake Pattern Page


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