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Success Stories

"My children have been using Excel Math Standard Edition at home for the last two years to supplement the math curriculum they have at school (which isn’t very effective). This year they took the Common Core Math pretest for the first time. We had been warned that our children would probably not score very well on these tests. However, my fourth grader scored 83% and my third grader (who is not a math genius) scored 98%! When people asked me if he was a math whiz, I had to tell them, “Not at all. It was the Excel Math Lesson Sheets!”

Wendy Ulrich, Grateful Mom in San Diego, CA

"I just had to call you! We used your curriculum for the last two years and our scores were phenomenal. Would you believe, this year both 4th and 5th grade got 100% The parents love it because it's consistent. It's just an awesome program and very teacher friendly. Seven out of 15 students were commended in my class! So, hip . . . hip . . . hooray!”

— Marilyn, 4th Grade Teacher in Utopia Texas


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